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SVS Schnellverschlußschelle "ZY"

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Norma SVS Schnellverschlußschelle "ZY"


NORMACLAMP® SVS and NORMACLAMP® SVSP clamps are secure, flexible joining elements designed for applications where joints need to be closed and released frequently and quickly, such as filtering and filling systems or food industry pipeline systems that are continually being cleaned. 

  • ausgerüstet mit den bewährten NORMA-Kniehebelverschlüssen
  • Bandbreiten 15, 20, 25, 30 mm
  • Werkstoffausführung W4
  • Verschluss mit Ösenschraube oder Zylinderschraube
  • Ausrüstung mit Gummiprofil ist möglich
  • Einsatz von Sonderverschlüssen ist möglich
  • Vergrößerung des Spannbereiches durch Verwendung von Schneckengewindeschellen oder Gelenkbolzenschellen

Advantages at a glance 

  • Closure can be opened and closed easily by hand
  • No installation tools required


  • Machine building
  • Chemical industry
  • Food and beverage industry
  • Railway industry
  • Building machines
  • Pump and filter

Download Normaclamp SVS OE & ZY


NORMACLAMP® SVS quick-release clamps feature a secure over-centre lever that can be opened and closed easily using one hand. This means that no special installation tools are required. 

The closure for this lightweight range of products features a metric cylinder-head bolt. 

The SVS clamp features a bridge, which is ideal for clamping a hose type connection. The SVSP clamp has no bridge. There is a possibility to have a profile welded onto it. 

NORMACLAMP® SVS and NORMACLAMP® SVSP clamps are produced with standardised band widths and materials. The progressive ratio is 1 mm. 

Up to a clamping diameter of 300 mm, the clamps are supplied in rolled-up form. With clamping diameters of 301 mm and up, they are supplied in stretched-out form. 

If requested in the order, and assuming that an appropriate quantity is ordered, the closure can be fitted with an eyelet bolt as an alternative. 


Bolzen: M6
Band breite: 15/20/25/30 mm
Anzugsdrehmoment (Max. Wert): 80 Nm (Max.)
NORMA SVS Schnellverschlußschelle "ZY"
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